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Some people say there are not enough opportunities in sports for observers. But this could be seen as a myopic assessment of the great opportunities that lie in sports for all. Many people will immediately point to sports betting as one of the ways to gain from these sports, but gambling is gambling and getting an organised and reliable earning through sports is another thing. You cannot compare the later with what you get from casino games no matter the type and amount of online slot tips used.

It was in 2013 that the Economic Modeling Specialists Intl reported that sports alone in America created and offered 456,000 jobs that paid people an average salary of $39,000. This is amazing and it is also good to note that most of the people who got these jobs are not professionals in different fields. The lower cadre, which has more of the jobs, involves people with huge interests in sports as observers mostly. So, there are actually some great opportunities for sports observers and they are listed below.


It has been proven time and time again that becoming a coach in any sports is not necessarily left for those that have played the game before. All you need to do is to study the act, perfect the act and get into it. However, one thing is that you must be an observer and must have followed the sports for some time. Vacancies in this angle are so much because each sports team parades an avalanche of coaches in different sectors and they are well paid.


This is actually among the highest positions in any sports organ. This is the fellow who takes care of the entire businesses in the sports organisation and they also take care of the issues of revenue and budget. They are also the people who grant conferences to the meds about the state of affairs in the club. This is a position that will require a degree in business and management, and some business running experience. Any good observer who is qualified could apply when this position is made open.

Sports Interns

This is actually one of the best ways observers could break into the sports system. The practical experience gained through internships will expose the fellow to the inner workings of the sports organisation and how things are managed. It could be in the facility management area, it could be in reporting and news, health care, administration and many other ways. The opportunities here are so numerous.

Sports journalism

This is another area where observers can seize opportunities. They include positions of announcer or commentator, radio sports program host, match and game analyst, sports writer, or even a sports program producer.

Sports marketing

This also comes with a lot of opportunities in public relations, agency management and many others. Positions here include event coordinators, account coordinators, sales representatives, and PR assistants

Players and Coaches agents

Presently, this is one of the most lucrative. You don't need rigorous information like on some online slot tips. It only involves a good knowledge of the game, business and negotiation skills, and a few tests and certifications. You will be earning some huge percentage whenever a player under your agency signs for a new club.

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