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This device could be the key to your happiness.

Remember mood rings? Well, they now have a high-tech version. A new wearable bracelet called "Feel" has taken mood rings to a new level.

Feel doesn't just change its color according to your mood, but it actually reads and tracks your emotions to help you manage your stress levels. Created by Sentio Solutions, Feel suggests activities such as yoga, meditation and music trips to help you not feel stressed.

To use feel, the device needs to transmit real-time emotional information to your phone via Bluetooth. The wristband works through four sensors that are able to determine your blood volume pulse, skin temperature and sweat gland activity.

Physically, Feel is pretty neat. Designed with a smooth and sleek exterior, the wristband looks like a very stylish slap bracelet.

After collecting emotional data, Feel will provide you with a look at your emotions and stress levels throughout the entire day through a graph.

"The first step in changing negative emotional habits is emotional awareness," according to co-founder and CEO George Eleftheriou, via Mashable.

Feel sure sounds nifty. It makes sense too, tracking and controlling one's stress levels, since we all know stress brings about a hoard of chemical changes to the body that affect health.

Less stress makes a happier individual, and Feel could actually help create happier people.

"The second step in improving your emotions is receiving personalized recommendations," Eleftheriou added.

The Feel wristband also allows its user to set long-term goals when it comes to emotional well-being. It also gives users personalized happiness tips and tricks for more positivity.

What if you're really stressed out? Sentio Solutions didn't fail to take this into consideration. During extreme emotions like anger, Feel will vibrate, which Eleftheriou says is helpful in calming anyone.

"In the future, we see these being helpful for therapeutic and mental healthcare professionals," Eleftheriou said.

Feel will arrive in retail stores December at the price of $199. It's available for pre-order starting this spring at $149.

Feel truly does have the potential to eventually become part of the healthcare industry.

How about you? Do you see yourself wearing the Feel wristband?

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