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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 18: Actors Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy (R) attend the 2nd annual Paleyfest New York presents: 'Hannibal' at Paley Center For Media on October 18, 2014 in New York, New York. (Photo : Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Good news for all Hannibal fans. There are rumors that a possible season 4 might happen.

The psychological crime thriller ended their season 3 on NBC, Latin Post reported. This has broken the hearts of fans who are hoping for the continuation of the show. However, although the TV series said goodbye to NBC, it doesn't mean that it will not find a new home.

One of the series' star, Hugh Dancy, revealed that creator Bryan Fuller pitched to him what he had in mind for Season 4 had it been continued. Mads Mikkelsen who plays the character of Hannibal Lecter also had a few things to say. The actor said that even though the show was cancelled because of poor ratings, he still considers the show as a success.

"I have a hard time seeing a film that could wrap that up, but never say never. As a magician, [Fuller] might pull that out of his sleeve," Mads said. "But having said that, the success for me was that I am very proud of it. I haven't seen anything on television that looked like that or felt like that, or where the actors had freedom like that."

Fans of the show were hoping that the show would transition to the fourth season and incorporate Harris' second novel "The Silence of the Lambs." However, according to Dancy, the fourth season might not be what fans expect, should it happen.

Dancy didn't say where Hannibal could potentially land but he did reveal that he and all his co-stars will be on board in the event the fourth season pushes through.

In an interview with Collider, Mikkelsen shared some memorable experiences that he had while doing the show. This included one of his most favourite scenes in the TV series as well as the little mischief he did while on set.

"I remember when Will Graham was in jail and Alana Bloom was visiting him, at one point, and she leaned in, almost like a dream sequence, to kiss him and she morphed into this creature," Mikkelsen said. "That was so over-the-top, but also so beautiful."

The actor also revealed that one time when he walked off the set still wearing the costume he had on. Mikkelsen confessed that he stole one of Hannibal's suits but the production team called him and said that they want to give him a suit as a memorabilia.

"I said, 'The grey and red one,' and they said, 'We'll send it to you.' I said, 'That's okay, I already have it.' So, that turned out really well. I didn't turn out to be a thief," Mikkelsen said.

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