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A Peruvian Shaman performs a ritual offering which pays homage to the land November 23, 2001 at the entrance of the presidential palace in Lima, Peru as officials arrive to attend the official banquet offered by Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo during the inauguration of the XI Ibero-American summit. (Photo : Getty Images / Stringer)

Donald Trump, you're losing - at least according to Mexico's "Great Shaman," Antonio Vazquez Alba.

The Great Shaman said Trump has absolutely no chance of becoming the Republican president of the United States in a press conference Tuesday, along with other visions of the future of 2016, according to Fox News Latino.

Alba, known as the Great Shaman in the Latin American country, seems pretty sure that presidential candidate, billionaire and businessman Donald Trump will lose the GOP nominations.

The self-appointed Grand Warlock made the prediction days ago, reasoning Trump's many "missteps" in his campaign as the cause of the loss. However, Alba added that the real estate mogul will be able to run independently for a position on the White House due to his financial resources.

"He's burning himself, he doesn't need them to burn him," according to Vazquez.

Trump's presidential run isn't the only news the clairvoyant claimed to happen this year.

Another one of his predictions is that drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán will not be imprisoned any longer because he will be killed "as soon as they [officials] spot him," adding that they "are not going to take the risk" of another escape.

He also made investment predictions, claiming that investments in Europe, South America and China will turn sour.

On the bright side, he said that industrial activity, employment and investment "from everywhere" would see a rise in Mexico, thereby improving the country's economy.

"I'll confirm this, and of this I'm truly certain ... that it's a truly brilliant economic cycle," Alba said.

He added that there is nothing of "benefit" from the legalization of marijuana.

Natural disasters are also unlikely to happen in 2016 in Mexico, saying that a "calm year without serious problems" is ahead.

Alba, who has been making predictions of the future for more than 25 years, makes them via Tarot cards. His representatives claim that his predictions have happened 85 percent of the time.

In other Donald Trump predictions, Peruvian shamans are also not confident that Trump would win.

According to one shaman from the group of renowned clairvoyants in a video released by news website AJ+, "the U.S. will band strongly together, so that he does not become the official candidate."

According to Latina, the shamans gathered at Lima's Christ of the Pacific Statue late 2015 to welcome 2016. They prayed for world peace, as well as progressive leadership during the gathering.

Check out the video below to find out what they said about the U.S.-Cuba relationship in 2016.

Shamans Predict the Future for 2016Shamans in Peru predict that Trump will not be the Republican nominee.

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