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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JUNE 14: Colombian soccer team fans react as their team scores a goal against Greece as they watch the game on the giant screen showing the match at the FIFA World Cup Fan Fest on Copacabana beach on June 14, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The match was played on the third day of the World Cup tournament. (Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Could this be why Miss Colombia's not as bitter about the recent Miss Universe snafu?

Based on a recent Gallup poll, the happiest nation in the world for 2015 is Colombia. This time, unlike last month's beauty contest faux pas, there's no mistaking this result.

"With an average of 18 holiday days off, a rapidly growing economy and festivals happening during the whole year, there's no surprise why people consider the South America nation a paradise," Latin Times noted.

The survey involved 66,000 respondents from 68 countries. The participants were asked to answer the following question: "In general, do you personally feel very happy, happy, neither happy nor unhappy, unhappy or very unhappy about your life?"

Among the respondents, Colombia had 87% of its pollsters saying they are "happy," with only 2% saying they were not content.

"Colombia was followed by last year's winner, Fiji (82 percent), Saudi Arabia (82 percent), Azerbaijan (81 percent), Vietnam (80 percent), Argentina (79 percent), Panama (79 percent), Mexico (76 percent) and Ecuador (75 percent)," Fox News Latino said.

If you're wondering how the Philippines did in this survey, the Asian country only garnered 24%.

Meanwhile, the United States racked up 43% happiness, putting them at rank no. 44 on the list side by side with Serbia. Iraq came in last, with a negative 12% score.

"2015 has been a tumultuous year for many across the globe," said Jean-Marc Leger, the president of WIN/Gallup International Association, which set up the survey. "Despite that, the world remains largely a happy place."

This is not the first time Colombia score the top rank in the happiness stakes. It was named as the happiest country back in 2012.

Further, The Huffington Post enumerated reasons Colombia notched the top spot - fantastic locations, love of fútbol, great weather, delicious food, excellent coffee, the beautiful ladies (they're also known for their beauty queens, after all), the many festivals, and the emphasis on rest.

Additonally, there's also the Ciclovias tradition in Bogota, the country's capital city. It happens on Sundays and national holidays, when the main roads are closed to allow locals to engage in recreation over 75 miles of asphalt road. You can cycle, run, skate, or walk about on such days without worrying about motorists - at least from 7 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. This is yet another example of how Colombia puts a premium on rest, which everyone would agree is key to happiness.

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