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'Tis the season to be shopping for gifts. Well, gifts for yourself, too. And if you're keen on keeping your Christmas 2015 shopping within decent financial limits, you'll be happy to know there are great tech stuff to be had at under $25. And no, they're not pre-loved or outdated versions of current gizmo eye candies. They're actually helpful, clever things that would delight both the receiver and the receiver this season.

Bondic Plastic Welder

At only $23, you can get a thingamajig that can let you bond broken ends (like broken sunglasses) or other items together easily and conveniently (bye bye super glue!).

"Bondic allows you to join two materials together with liquid plastic that hardens under UV light," Digital Trends explained. "You know those little UV glue guns that dentists use to fill minor cavities before they get too serious? It's basically the exact same adhesive technology, just tweaked a little and redesigned for a different purpose."

Google Cardboard

This is an especially brilliant choice if you or your recipient is an Android smartphone user. This "ViewMaster" for smartphones lets you experience virtual reality without having to burn a hole in your pocket at just $24 or wait for eons before the prototype you're eyeing finally becomes available for general release.

"Simply hold it up to your face and you could be visiting new places, playing fully immersive games, and flying through space," Tom's Guide said.

Clip On Smartphone Camera Lens

There are a number of these things out there right now, so this must not be hard to find. It helps you do away the problem of taking a closer shot with a handset camera or taking a wide angle shot a la GoPro. The Mpow one can be had at just $15.

Touch Tonic

The next couple of weeks and months are bound to get colder, which means you'll be whipping out your gloves and will be likely to navigate through the tricky issue of tapping on your touchscreen phone while keeping your hands warm and all gloved up. This dilemma can be solved by a swipe or two of a touch tonic ($20) that you can make smartphones respond to the touch of your fingers even while they're covered in leather or fabric gloves, according to PopSugar.

Nomad Charger Key

This clever little thing, costing just $25, "is designed to live on keychain but made from a flexible material that will allow the charger to flex to accommodate awkward charging positions," Digital Trends said. It's light and has a micro USB end for Android handsets and a lightning cable for iPhones. Goodbye, fussy wires.


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