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Goku has just left planet Earth and gone with Whis to train. What's going to happen next to the "Dragon Ball Super" hero?

According to the show's episode 18 preview trailer, we'll probably see how the lead protagonist trains on another planet.

"The preview video of the new "Dragon Ball Super" episode begins with Goku and Vegeta training with Whis keeping an eye on them," Yibada noted. "Goku looks excited to be training on the new planet as he showcases his kicks and moves."

"Later in the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 18 preview trailer, Goku and Vegeta can be seen working on daily chores like cleaning, dusting and more," the site added.

Looks reminiscent of Goku's early training. Was the housekeeping part of Whis and Goku's deal that got the latter permission to tag along with the former? Was this to keep annoying Whis? Or is it part of their rigid training?

The previous episode showed Pan's birth, or rather 6 months after she was born. It can be recalled that Pan is the child of Gohan and Videl, which makes her Goku's granddaughter. Come to think of it, Goku definitely doesn't look like a grandpa, thanks to his constant training and Super Saiyan genes. Also, it appears Goku will have a hard time being a proper grandpa as he keeps taking off to save the world or to train to improve his already impressive skills.

Speaking about training, Whis, in episode 17, had allowed Goku to train with him as it is an "appropriate time" to do so. Did he mean Goku is already good enough to go under Whis' tutelage? Or did it mean Frieza may possibly come back, as speculated by

"The episode did contain one direct reference to the 'Resurrection F Dragon Ball Z' movie, a variation of the scene where Krillin (now a cop) gives chase to a pair of bandits, so it looks like the Resurrection F story will be introduced to Dragon Ball Super gradually," the site went on to say. "It will be interesting to see how it ties in with the 'Universe 6' storyline."

Meanwhile, Attack of the Fanboy noted that the "Resurrection F" saga will begin in episode 18, which will reportedly also feature Champa and Vados for the first time on the show.

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Will it be better than any of the past ones to keep viewer interest high?


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