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Las imágenes de Klum más subidas de tono para Sharper Image aún se pueden ver en la ciudad de Nueva York (Photo : Getty Images)

It wasn't long ago when presidential candidate Donald Trump dissed Heidi Klum. Now, the supermodel insists that the country needs a woman president.

Supermodel Heidi Klum dropped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she said on tape that America needs a woman president, Entertainment Online reported. After the interview, many were asking if Klum is backing up Hillary Clinton for president.

Sometime ago, Donald Trump dissed the 42-year-old model when he said that Klum was no longer a 10. During that time, the model made an immediate response by making a funny video with a hashtag that said "HeidiTrumpsTrump."

According to Yahoo UK Celebrity News, Klum looked back to that time when she was surprised that her name was included in the election controversy.

Trump was doing an interview with The New York Times when he admitted that sometimes he goes a little far with his comments and mentioned out of the blue that Klum was no longer a 10.

"I've known Donald for many, many years. Personally, I don't know why he did it. I don't know what I have to do with a presidential campaign," the supermodel said in response. "What do I have to do with any of this? I guess because now I'm 42."

When asked previously what number she would give Trump, Klum refused to answer and said that she doesn't want to rate people, especially women. The model further on explained that women already do a lot of things and have to juggle stuff, so they are all considered 10 in her book.

However, aside from her informal endorsement, the TV host model has another thing to deal with. Klum told DeGeneres about the horrible experience they had to deal with at home with lice. The model said that her daughter had to go to the nurse to be able to seek help with their problem.

"My daughter's scalp was itchy and then she had to go to the nurse, and then they looked and sure enough, they found a little egg. I mean, they're beyond small so we had the lice fairies come over to our house," Klum revealed.

At that time, DeGeneres jokingly asked if they bathed, to which the model replied yes. Apart from the interview, Klum and DeGeneres also played a game in which they stuffed their bras with money that was all for charity. The model managed to cram $10,000 to raise money for breast cancer.

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