By Rodrigo M. ( | First Posted: Oct 01, 2015 01:32 PM EDT

This time, our friend Paul of True Mexico YouTube Channel visited a street food place in Mexico City where 'Chilaquiles' is the specialty of the house (actually the only food on the menu).
In Mexico, chilaquiles are one of the most popular food among those who are having breakfast and those who are suffering from 'cruda' (hangover).

La Esquina del Chilaquil is really famous and people wait in line for 2 hours only to try a tasty torta. Each torta is $30 pesos ($1.75 USD)

Chilaquiles are made of toasted, fried or sun-dried corn tortillas (totopos or some kind of tostadas) that are soaked in red or green salsa, onion, sour cream, cheese and if you want, you can have them served inside a 'bolillo' (bread) to make it a torta.

The place is so famous that it has it's own Facebook page: La Esquina del Chilaquil