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Will there be a new DBZ game out next year?

If a recent leak is to be believed, it appears that a sequel to "Dragon Ball XenoVerse" is being prepared for a June 2016 release.

A screenshot of the said follow up emerged on, which revealed the alleged launch date.

This leak, according to Yibada, should be taken with a healthy helping of salt, though.

"However, there are some issues if you look at the 'Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2' leaked first look image. Firstly, the logo of PlayStation Network is an old one, we have the new logo by Sony, still the screenshot has used an old one," the site said. "Also, there is a comma placed between June and 2016 which is quite unusual. A user on's forum pointed out that due to this comma in the release date, this can be a fake."

Christian Today also cited a report pointing out that the off-screen shot "is another big giveaway that this may be a fake image."

"If it was a real screenshot, then it should be a clear, direct print-screen. This technique is often done to hide a poorly constructed fake image," the news portal added.

It's possible that we'll get more updates about the alleged leak later this month in the run up to the Tokyo Game Show, which will happen from September 17 to 20. It's likely Bandai Namco Games may reveal updates about "Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2" at the event and address speculations surrounding its release.

Recently, it's been observed that the original game has been subjected to a price cut, further fueling speculations that a new edition of the title may be coming out soon.

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PC has a discounted pricing on Bandai Namco store. Those interested can grab the game for half the price - $24.99. The game is originally sold at $49.95," International Business Times said.

The original game was released earlier this year in February and has since sold over 2.5 million copies all over the world. Since then, DLC packs had been issued for the game and have proven to be successful as well.

"Its success has been such that Bandai Namco are also preparing to release the 3DS game Extreme Butoden later this year in the West," Forbes' Ollie Barder noted.

Will Bandai Namco release part 2 soon? Tell us your predictions and what you want to see in the game's sequel!


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