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LAKE BUENTA VISTA, FL - JULY 28: In this handout image provided by Disney Parks, Tony Award-winning actress and singer Idina Menzel poses on July 28, 2015 with Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Disney's 'Frozen' during 'Frozen Summer Fun' at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Menzel took a break from her world tour to visit Walt Disney World Resort. (Photo : Matt Stroshane/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

"Frozen" was definitely one of the most successful animated movies of all time. With that said, fans will undoubtedly be in eager anticipation for the second installment of the Disney movie.

After confirmation that there will be "Frozen 2", people have speculated about what the movie will offer this time. According to an article by Master Herald, the new movie is likely to introduce a personality shift among some characters. Fans might see some characters in another light.

There will still be some familiarity as the next movie will be a continuation of the first installment. Sources reported that although the movie will carry on from the first "Frozen" movie, it will move in somewhat different directions.

One of the few changes that will likely be presented by the movie is Elsa's character. In the next movie, the attitude change that resulted from the previous movie will make her a more interesting character. The report said that Elsa will now be presented in a friendlier attitude rather than the moody character she portrayed previously.

In addition to the report, there will also be various characters that will be returning in the sequel. This will include Anna and Olaf, as well as some other new characters that will be introduced. It was also revealed that Anna might be shown without her love interest in the second film. Ironically though, Olaf could find himself in the middle of a love story.

"After the feature, and because of how it was received, we were all overwhelmed by the 'Frozen' phenomenon. It took us a while just to even get back into things and do the short. And it was as we were doing the short that we started thinking about the next one," director of the movie Chris Buck said on MTV News.

The director also noted that they already have two strong female characters, and they will continue to use them to tackle some present issues in the society.

"I think we're very aware of what is happening in society. I don't think any of us take [them] lightly, even though they can be very funny and entertaining, the messages that our movies have and the influence they can have on young people. When the kids [watch] them, they watch them over and over again, and if we don't have a decent message in there, I think we've missed an opportunity," Buck added.

"Frozen 2" will not be showing anytime soon though. It is rumored that it will likely be released in 2018.

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