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Beyoncé and Jay Z may have gotten a little too "drunk in love," as sources report they are sobering up and calling it quits. Rumors have started circling whether the hip-hop power couple is on the move to finalizing a divorce.

The Brooklyn emcee was reportedly seen leaving a meeting in New York City on Jul. 28, ringless. Meanwhile, the R&B diva was supposedly getting her "IV" tattoo, which marks the anniversary with her husband, removed after the infamous elevator incident -- in which Hov and her younger sister, Solange, were caught on camera fighting, and the footage went viral in May of last year.

A source close to the situation dished to the National Enquirer that the pair is putting up a front on the outside, while their marriage is truthfully on the rocks.

"Jay and Bey's marriage is blowing up. They're living separate lives. They haven't made an official announcement because Bey isn't ready," the source said. "But taking off their wedding rings is the first step in untangling their lives!"

According to RadarOnline, it is a difficult time for the dynamic duo because of their many joint business ventures, which include the shared music streaming service, Tidal, and "a joint album and I think they're announcing another joint tour, which will happen in 2016/2017," as an insider revealed. 

"They're tied into so many deals and contracts, they can't just go their separate ways," the insider continued. "Yes, they're going on all these public dates and she's Instagramming their 'perfect' holidays, but the reality is, their lives can be quite separate, and like any other couple, if they argue, they'll sometimes sleep in separate bedrooms."

Moreover, the "Crazy in Love" collaborators' marriage is on a strain, due to the rumors of Jay Z fathering a love child. The National Enquirer reported the two were filing a billion-dollar divorce in February. The "Magna Carta Holy Grail" rapper denied the allegations.

It appears if the pair does in fact divorce, the future of their joint businesses remains unknown. However, RadarOnline reported their 3-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, will hopefully be shared by both parents, as Beyoncé has "been meeting with lawyers, and figuring out a custody arrangement that will cause the least damage to Blue Ivy."

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