By Myraine Carluen Policarpio ( | First Posted: Aug 05, 2015 01:13 PM EDT

Another school year is about to start. And since more and more students like you are up to using your smartphones more than just as your communication device, we share in here some of the best apps that you shouldn't miss. These five back-to-school apps can be your perfect 'team mate' in excelling in your classes and accomplishing your tasks in no time.

1. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro App

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This free digital planner can help users like you in your schedules, assignments, task deadlines, and notes. It has a calendar that allows you to view your weekly class schedules, including all your curricular and extracurricular activities. Let this efficient virtual assistant do the job of planning and organizing everything for you without missing anything important. With this pro, you could surely take your productivity to a much higher level.

2. Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia Apps
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This online encyclopedia smartphone app is designed for multiple operating systems both for Android and iOS. This is a good catch as you can take hold of what you basically need in a matter of a few clicks and in no time. If you want a quick access over some information on language, science, history, literature, or even anything under the sun, this wiki app is a good grab.

3. Scribd App

Scribd App

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Known to be the world's biggest library online, Scribd has a huge data bank where lots of documents, books, slides, presentations, and researches for your reference. These are uploaded and shared by generous people around the globe. And if you intend to give back or pass the good deeds on, you can also create your own texts and notes. Sharing your wit and wisdom to your friends and all is truly a noble act to start with this upcoming school year. 

4. Mathway Mobile App

Mathway App

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Many students dislike Math. Don't fret! Let this Math Solver App do the job for you as it can aid you in finding answers to math assignments and worksheets, guiding you all the way from basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and even to those complex ones. This virtual math wizard rewards you with some customized access and mobile experience -- taking its ultimate solving power everywhere you go, no network access required!

5. EasyBib App

EasyBib App

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This free automatic citation generator allows you to deal with bibiliography with much ease and accuracy. Let this app do the trick of giving credit to whom it is really due. Input the right citations into your paper and working drafts right through your mobile device, in a span of a few taps. You may also scan the book barcodes with your phone's camera, export data to your email, and switch from one style to another format as easy as ABC.

Now, who said learning and schooling are entirely difficult when most of the things in school are so easy and fun?!

Snatch those back-to-school apps and see how you enjoy your classes and reach your targets in no time. Indeed, they are reliable 'school buddies' who are geeks and such genius virtual fellows!