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You may be guilty of doing these usual things that eventually damage your skin. Kick them off and see how you could improve and 'prettify' your skin.

1. Trying out too many beauty and skin care products

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As they say, less is more... too much can be extremely bad. To get rid of skin irritations, find the most appropriate products for you and your skin type. Once you've got some perfect match, be happy to stick with it and do a routine that really suits your needs. Correcting those common makeup mistakes could actually help you fight skin aging.

2. Drinking too much coffee

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A 2013 study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings linked excessive coffee consumption puts your health at risk for up to 56 percent. This also asserted that too much caffeine can lead to jitters, anxiety and sleeplessness. And having that known, you're better off sticking to one or two cups of coffee. The caffeine acts like a diuretic that dries your skin and make it appear sort of a prune-like. The best tip that will surely work for all coffee lovers out there is to have their warm sips in 'moderation'.

3. Sleeping with your makeup on

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Not washing your face before you sleep is a big NO. Make this a habit no matter how tired you are: Clean your face with your fave facial wash, tap to dry, and please moisturize. This refrains you from clogging and having your pores appear larger. Leftover makeups can lead to inflammation, generating free radicals and leading to breakouts - which we all HATE, don't we?

Also, as you sleep, you toss and turn, having your pillows collect all the dirts, oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. With this, you should change your pillow cases as often as possible. One more thing to bear in mind to not use rough pillowcases as these can cause you wrinkles. Sleep smart, fellas!

4. Scratching too hard

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Too much and really hard scratching when itch attacks. While doing this can give you such relief, overdoing it does more harm than good -- actually stimulating and releasing hormone serotonin in the brain that intensifies the itchy feeling.

5. Skipping the gym

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Everyone needs to work out to stay fit and healthy. Do some stretching and give your mind and body some boosts. This also allows you to relieve stress by lowering your cortisol levels, rewarding your skin with such glow!

6. Talking on the phone too much

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Your phone gathers bacteria and oil that make you get prone to zits and breakouts. Cleaning it as often as you could solve this dilemma. Taking calls with the speaker on can probably do the job, too. 

7. Staying long in a hot shower

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Having frequent and long hot bath can wash your skin's natural oil that leaves it dry, dull, tight, and itchy. Lukewarm shower shall give you the same comfort without compromising your supple and soft skin.

8. Living an 'abusive' life

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Well-said, fella! Aspire and work hard to live a healthier and happier life.

Get rid of those bad habits and see how you could 'prettify' your skin in no time... having it more radiant, soft, smooth, and naturally glowing.