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It has truly become viral. Herrera vs. Martinoli memes have been making rounds over the web. We'd love to share some with you for a good laugh.

The Ultimate 'Fight' of the Year

Herrera vs Martinoli

(Photo : Ge Os/Twitter)

A month ago before the incident, TV Azteca sportscaster, Christian Martinoli had been urging Coach Herrera on social media, "I love the elegance of the national coach. He is not a cheerleader he is 'barrabrava'." El Piojo, seemed to get offended with the last term "barrabrava', replied "I am not that but hopefully I will find you someplace so we can settle our differences."

Take him down... or not...

Herrera vs Martinoli
(Photo : El Dizque/Twitter)

Coach Miguel Herrera's Winning Punch

Herrera vs 'Pacman' Meme

(Photo : Face Ventura/Twitter)

He's now an instant social media celeb...

The national team coach says "Hooray!"

Kudos, Mexican National Soccer Team!

Who's who? El Piojo or Mr. O'Hare?

Miguel Herrera
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Tell me now, who did 'it' better? Bleh!

(Photo : Papi/Twitter)

He must be really mad, huh?

Miguel Herrera

(Photo : Remezcla/Twitter)

"Fix this like it should be fixed (in the street)," said who?

Oh, wait? What's happening?


Rumble or conquest? Extreme.

All-In Memes... Sports bullies?

Herrera vs Martinoli

(Photo : Futboltotal/Twitter)

As the reports said, "Martinoli, who reportedly had criticized Herrera and Mexico during the Gold Cup, claimed that the coach and his daughter approached him from behind while he was waiting in the security line, then El Piojo suddenly punched him in the neck and ordered him to come outside."

Oh, my...

Chris Martinoli also makes his rebound...


(Photo : lNeettoO/Twitter)

Martinoli: You blow me away in 2 or 3 days but the passion felt for my words you would never put away.

Now, shall we wait for this? Or just say...

Herrera vs Martinoli
(Photo : Caliente R&SB/Twitter)

Hey, fellas! Make peace not war...

Herrera vs Martinoli
(Photo : Aziz Ortiz/Twitter)

It must always be a happy ending!

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