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The Super Moms: Today's Unsung Heroes

A Super Mom
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Mothers know best. Learn how supermoms do it all and survive each day. In this post, you'll say, "Yes, their ninja moves are incredibly amazing!" ... and multi-tasking has become an understatement to 'mommy duties'.

1. They accept the fact that life isn't perfect.

Successful and happy moms have been through a lot of struggles. Mind you, nothing has taken them down. But experiencing all these challenges has made them realize that life isn't perfect and all that matters now is how they see things and deal with them.

2. Overall home management seems to be as simple as ABC.

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They plan ahead, organize things, and set priorities. Moms are self-trained with the fundamentals of housekeeping and most of all, managing time, money, and even stress. They set routines, make lots of preps, and snatch some mommy hacks to declutter homes and handle family matters.

3. They accomplish their 'mommy duties' like a pro.

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Supermoms can multi-task. They can literally do multiple things all at the same time. They can cook, do the dishes and the laundry, too. Bringing out the 'Mrs. Fix-It and Mrs. DIY' in themselves, moms can manage to finish all these chores in no time.

Even if at times, they feel like...

... sleepy and damn tired, it's always a 'mission accomplished' for them.

4. Only supermoms have mastered the 'ninja moves'.

One of the secrets a supermom has is that she's a self-made ninja. Without proper training, she can move fast, sneak out of a baby's room quietly once the baby is sound asleep with a silly tip toe or crawl, and use her quick reflexes in times she needs it the most. Her strength and stamina levels seem to be immeasurable. She can stay up on 'night watch' to protect her little ones from household 'monsters' and still have the zen and glee despite fatigue, monotony, and stress.  Most of all, a ninja mom is willing to risk everything for the well-being of her master, her family. 

5. They love unconditionally.

A mother's love knows no boundaries. Their willing to sacrifice everything even their own sake and happiness for someone they love and value so dearly. They're self-less, giving, and really understanding.

Mom's hugs and kisses have special healing power where the family feels genuine comfort, tender loving care, and serenity. 

Mother's love can even rescue and change the world.

... and our moms truly deserve the same amount of love!

That's so sweet, young man!

A mother is indeed a blessing to every home. And remember that when a child is born, so as a mother.

Watch this touching video to see what a loving mother can truly give to a loved one...

And if you follow these survival tips from seasoned mothers, you surely will be a SUPERMOM.