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You perhaps have asked yourself why those successful folks tend to succeed more when you work the hardest to hit your targets. Don't fret, some of their habits and usual routines are revealed here.

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1. Successful people set their S-M-A-R-T goals.

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Knowing their targets, setting their priorities, and giving each opportunity and venture a 'kick' indeed do the real job.

2. They make their own personal branding and seriously live with it.

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Know your self, market your brand, and speed up your career progression with authenticity and consistency. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is known for his 'public image' as someone who wears identical gray tee and black hoodie. Hence, Steve Jobs's uniform black turtlenecks paired with his jeans were able to make him one of the world's most recognizable CEO. Aside from establishing a brand or corporate signature, these multi-billionaire lads have thought of this as their way of getting rid of 'decision fatigue' on trivial things.

3. Their conversations are dominated by discussions on ideas towards their growth.

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Whenever they have time to talk to someone, it's about ideas and experiences that will add to what they know and what they can do. And yes, it's never about people, their lives, nor misfortunes. They don't gossip and have totally no time to do so.

4. They are ALWAYS productive.

Successful people never cease to learn and explore new things - never settling for less and always strive for greatness. Then, we now ask...

5. They motivate and inspire others in many ways they could.

Either they share their thoughts, wisdom, or train people to bring out the best in them - making them better persons.

6.They ask questions.

Basically, these people triumph in aspects of life because they ask question, feed their minds, and know exactly when to ask and get satisfied from the answers they've got.

7. They start the day right.

Know the things they avoid doing in the morning HERE.

On the contrary, here are the things they do when they wake up.

8. They share their blessings even in their own little ways.

Well-said. Pass the good deeds on to make this world a better place.

Bill Gates, one of the richest and most successful people in the planet, has also prioritized his advocacies on the awareness and development of global health, wealth, and education.

Remember this, friends:

 Never give up!