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Our bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. And keeping it cozy, tidy, spacious, and even stylish reflects the kind of person we are and makes it a good place to experience serenity and comfort. With that, we list some functional bathroom hacks, DIY designs, and shower tips for you to learn and apply.

1. Cheap yet non-toxic toilet cleaners

Have you ever thought of using your household products as instant toilet cleaners? Well, spring clean your bathrooms with the amazing combi and mixes of baking soda, vinegar, lemon, cola, and a lot more. All these natural substitutes can do the magic in just a few sprinkles, scrubs, flushes, and sprays. Voila, no mess, no dirt!

Watch this video to make your own DIY natural cleaning products:

2. Curtain rod, hook, and hanger add-ons

colored towels in the bathroom
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Hang those shared towels in your bathroom using those hooks instead of rods. This trick saves lots of space and adds posh to your bathroom walls. You may also add another curtain rod inside your shower area (opposite to your shower curtain rod) to hang other fancy baskets and organizers to keep your essentials in place. Chic hangers can also do the job.

3. Magnet strips magic

Magnet Strips

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We seldom misplace little metal essentials like bobby pins, tweezers, pincers, ear picks, nail cutters and files, cuticle pushers, and other multi-purpose pins. And in order to keep them posh and always accessible, try to put some magnetic sheets or strips on the cabinet door to safely store these handy tools.

4. Towel tricks

rolled colorful towels
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Just like when you pack your travel suitcases, you save a lot of space when you roll all your things than actually folding them. Well, the same tricks do magic for your towels.

5. Trimming fingernails and toenails

nail cutting
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Most of us cut our nails anytime we want to. But we might be doing it totally wrong. The best time to trim our nails is right after taking a bath where nails are softer and they don't just crack. Push back cuticles, gently brush them, and of course, moisturize!

6. Shower hacks

conditioner before shampoo
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You're probably into this ritual: shampooing before conditioning your hair. Wrong! Reverse hair washing promises you with more volume and impresses you with better results. Using conditoner before your fave shampoo is actually the secret to no-frizz hair. Gals, let's revolutionize!

7. Smart hacks for 'teeny tiny' bathrooms

pull out shelf drawers for bathroom cabinets
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Maximizing your space does the trick. Installing some pullout drawers in your toilet cabinet makes your bathroom spacious and organized.

8. DIY storage hacks to keep your bathroom neat and tidy!

With all these bathroom snatches, you will surely feel more relaxed whenever you need to pamper yourself while impressing your families and guests, too.