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Women and makeups are inseparable. And since we understand that most girls consider looking good a fundamental rule, we share some common mistakes we usually make.

Learn it from here and know the tricks to unleash the real beauty in you.

1. Not finding the perfect makeups or beauty products for you.

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Whenever girls go to their fave beauty shops, they seem to grab anything they'd love to without considering if that perfectly fits their skin type and tone. Finding the right shade, color, texture, and all for your skin and age could definitely give you a certain glow and smooth complexion.

2. Not keeping some good and healthy beauty regimen.

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Following a skincare regimen keeps your glow and helps your skin feel so soft and smooth. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, using sunscreen and moisturizer, and a lot more routines will speed up your way to achieve your dream look and healthy skin.

3. Never apply makeup on dry skin.

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Dry skin is more prone to fine lines and other signs of aging. So, better to exfoliate at least once a week and always moisturize. Applying makeup and foundation over dry skin gives no justice to right blending and apparently puts all your efforts to waste.

4. Improper plucking of eyebrows and taking eyelash curler for granted.

(Photo : Keeping your eyebrows in its natural shape does the trick.

Exaggerated, very thin, or overly done eyebrows are no good. Just keep your natural eyebrow shape and never ever overemphasize as this will only make you look older and odd. Thus, always use your eyelash curler. A few seconds to give your lashes some good curls will do magic to your overall look - giving you a younger and more attractive appearance.

6. Improper blending techniques.

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You certainly don't want to have it a total disaster, right? So, it's really best to know how to blend your makeups like a pro. The natural and cut crease, good color combi, buffed brushes, and all will bless you with a more radiant look. Don't fret, all girls even experts really take lots of trial and error before they truly master proper blending, contouring, and highlighting.

7. Not applying this trick: less is more.

Not having too much makeup is really beautiful.

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Keeping your face look so natural and sheer. Beauty experts say that the most effective way to use makeup is to apply it in a way that accentuates a single feature. You surely don't want to look cartoonish by highlighting your nose, lips, eyes, and cheeks, do you? Beside, anything that is too much in general is a big NO.

Watch this tutorial video for more tips on how to 'beautify' oneself.


So, fellas, beware of those makeup myths and get rid of those common mistakes.

“Outer beauty pleases the EYE. Inner beauty captivates the HEART.” ― Mandy Hale