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In your 30's? If yes, this is for you! Sometimes, learning life's lessons may take years or even decades for one to finally grasp these bittersweet realities. In here, we share 10 things that only 30-somethings would understand and could relate to.

Reality bites, it actually took us almost three decades to realize the following:

1. You know you need not to please everyone.

I Don't Care Anymore
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You don't owe anyone an explanation. It is during these times in your life when you seem not to care about what other people will say towards you and your actions. It's like as long as you know you're not doing anything wrong and not hurting anyone, it's all damn fine!

2. You learned when to say 'yes' or 'no' and it feels really good.

Yes or No

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It's plain and simple. You say what you want and do what make you happy. The reward is oh so priceless.

3. You Save $$ to Indulge. Ibiza, Anyone? Travel, Food, Casinos, Luxury

Tourists Flock To Ibiza For Their Summer Holidays
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IBIZA, SPAIN: People walk past the Ibiza Rocks Bar in San Antonio in Ibiza, Spain. The small island of Ibiza lies within the Balearics islands, off the coast of Spain. It has, for many years, had a reputation as a party destination.

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Salary + Expenditure = Happiness

Living within your means has been a challenge over the years but it also has its rewards. Once the time comes to expend your savings it's time to give yourself the luxury of life you worked so hard for until now.

4. You know you can't have everything yet you feel contented and happy.

Successful You

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You've realized to accept what you have and feel grateful about it. You find joy and fulfillment even in life's little gifts.

5. You know yourself better and everything about you is so clear to you.

Be yourself.

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You basically know what you want and so your likes, interests, hobbies, and priorities.

6. You should keep an eye on your health and wellness.

Choose healthy food
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You strive for greatness. You work your way to live a healthier lifestyle since you know you're not getting any younger, do you? Always choose to be healthy.

7. It's ok to be single and you enjoy being one.

Singles rock!

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Status: Single but happy. No pressures. You never have to feel alone. You're always blessed because you have more time for yourself and to your loved onessss!

8. It's better to marry, get married, and be merry.

Love and Marriage

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You're on cloud nine. It's gonna be 'us'. Enjoy the bliss of lifetime commitment and one true love.

9. It's best to have a family of your own.

family concept

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This can be one great source of happiness and contentment as you make your mini me's. Your bundle of joy is such a wonderful blessing.

10. Life is what you make it.

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As the cliché goes, live today as if it were your last. Enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Yes, you're thirty and thankful that you're happy.

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