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Recently, reports emerged of the iPod being a more interesting product compared to the Apple Watch, based on analysis made by Pacific Crest's Andy Hargreaves of Google Trends data.

And now, it appears Apple is affirming this finding as news of the iPod line being made available in new colors has surfaced.

Based on the iTunes 2.2 Apple Music update, the iPhone maker "could be preparing to refresh its aging iPod lineup with new colors," 9to5Mac said.

"With the new update, when a user plugs in an iPod for the first time, the above image showcasing a dark blue iPod touch, a gold iPod nano, and a dark pink iPod shuffle appear," the tech news site noted. "None of those iPod color options currently exist, indicating that Apple could be preparing to refresh its line with those richer tones."

Further MacRumors reported that additional iPod images showed that there are "six different color options for the iPod nano, shuffle, and touch, showing each model in silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue, and light gold."

The devices themselves still look pretty much the same as the current models. However, the iPod Touch no longer has that hole where the wrist loop is attached.

"It is not clear if Apple plans to update the internals of the devices or if the company is simply going to introduce new color options, but the images make it clear that a potential update is not going to feature a major external redesign," the site added.

It has been about 2 years since the iPod lineup's color options have been changed in any way. This is most probably due to declining sales in the last couple of years, as well as product cannibalization. The iPhone, after all, can accomplish what the iPod mainly does.

However, it has been observed that Apple's failure to update this line of products may have contributed to the recent decline in iPod sales, as The Verge noted.

"Usually, purchases pick up drastically every time Apple releases a new iPod, and this year they clearly did not," the news source said.

However, with hints of the company tinkering with the iPod's appearance, it looks like Apple isn't shelving the Apple Watch and iPhone precursor anytime soon, as what other observers have suspected.

"If Apple was serious about the iPod Touch continuing, it would be adding TouchID and the secure data storage area to allow Apple Pay to work with the media player," Forbes analyzed. "There's no evidence of TouchID in the graphics, and I would normally expect Apple to have enough quality control to represent the iPod range fairly."

"The iPods remain a curious anchor to an older time. Nobody talks about them, nobody highlights them, but like a comfy pair of socks nobody wants to be the first to suggest throwing them out," the piece concluded.


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