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After winning his fourth Super Bowl and the Vince Lombardi trophy, Tom Brady might be ready for politics.

The New England Patriots quarterback shared his thoughts in an interview on June 2014 about a political career. Mainly, Brady said that he would rather stay out of it.

Brady previously said during the interview in a report by Fox Sports, "I follow it relatively closely. I enjoy watching, kind of, the banter that goes back and forth. I don't think I'll ever get into politics. Maybe at one point I thought that might be something I want to do, but I think you take a step back and you realize the impact that you can have as a citizen."

He added, "Well I think it's just the frustration between both parties that have really been polarizing with one another to - from my perspective - not always do what's in the best interest of the country. And to fight just to fight. And maybe that's the way it's always been. I don't believe that's the way it always has to be."

TMZ Sports asked former Congressman Patrick Kennedy whether Brady would be a good candidate for politics. Kennedy replied jokingly that Brady would win any election in the United States, especially in New England, but not in Seattle. He complimented the quarterback for being a terrific leader on and off the field. The TMZ reporter added that having supermodel Giselle Bundchen as his wife would also help in his public relations.

Hollowverse reported that the quarterback's political affiliation was the subject of controversy, particularly in 2004, when he led the Patriots to the Super Bowl. During that time, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was contesting George W. Bush as president, but Brady was attending Bush's State of the Union Address. He was criticized for showing support to Bush although the rest of Massachusetts was vouching for Kerry.

When he was asked before whether he was Republican or Democrat, he gave a safe answer, saying, "You know, I'm actually Independent, actually an Independent and I have been for some time. But there's no doubt this world needs a lot of help."

According to Ranker, Tom Brady is actually a conservative Republican. Political analysts also concluded that if Brady were given a choice, he would be a Republican, considering how he admired former Republican president Gerald Ford. Brady also previously shared that he wanted to run as a Senator to represent California. He said that politics was his "craziest ambition", based on the same report by Hollowverse.

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