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Celebrities can certainly attest to the fact that beauty isn't cheap, and Mr. and Mrs. Carter aren't exempt from that as reports have it that Beyoncé's beauty regimen costs a stunning $1 million a year, Inquisitr reported.

Even Jay Z's jaw might drop upon hearing that.

The report came from OK! Magazine, to whom a source revealed the hefty price tag that kept the pop superstar looking flawless.

"Beyoncé puts herself under extreme pressure to look perfect, never leaving the house without her hair and makeup professionally done," the source said.

Apparently, by adding up the costs, the singer's bill totals around a million a year, including skin products, chemical peels, botox treatments, a personal masseuse, a personal spray tan artist and all other treatments, products and assistants imaginable. That counts as around $1000 a day.

Some might find themselves agreeing with the assumption, as rumors have claimed that Beyoncé never steps out without having her makeup and hair professionally done. Then again, she has also been photographed numerous times without makeup and looking natural so it might also be an exaggeration.

One may wonder what Jay Z thought of his wife's dedication to beauty. Then again, the couple doesn't have to worry too much. It was reported that their joint "On The Run" Tour alone raked them $95 million, and that's not counting any of their solo ventures and earnings. When it comes to beauty, Beyoncé and also Jay Z are pretty set for life.

Also, it's not like Mrs. Carter is the only celebrity who is dedicated to keeping herself looking flawless and beautiful.

An insider spilled the beans about the Kardashian family, sharing that the girls have professionals come in every day to do their hair and makeup, even if they had no events to attend or photo shoots to go to, according to Woman's Day.

A former housekeeper for Kim Kardashian even claimed that she falls asleep while still in makeup, leading to stains on their clean white sheets that she insisted be changed daily.

The same goes for Jessica Simpson, as a source revealed that she was known to have hair extensions and fake eyelashes all over her home. Mariah Carey's team also has to make sure they keep her as glam as possible, once even having to do her hair and makeup while she was passed out and drunk, according to Radar.

One can only wonder how much these other celebrities spend on their respective beauty regimens and beauty team. Then again, if one gets photographed by the paparazzi day in and day out, one will probably make sure he or she looks as good as possible too.

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