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Adrian Broner should not have ticked off rapper Jay Z.

Vibe reported that Roc Nation Sports, owned by Jay Z previously offered $40 million for five years to the boxer. However, the smooth-talking Broner described the offer as "bullshit" and commented that Jay Z himself should have talked to him directly.

He posted on Facebook about the email proposal he received from Roc Nation, "These the type emails I turn down. F-ck JAYZ Sh-t real out here #AboutBillions What the f-ck is 40 million for 5 years ha somebody go tell JAYZ to suck my d-ck with a elephant tongue WE GOOOOOD!!!!!!"

Bleacher Report posted a video where Broner explained why he turned the deal down. He said in the video, "I mean, you know, they sent an email whatever. You know, Jay Z didn't do it literally. They shot the email or whatever, I wasn't happy with it. The capacity of the contract was $40 million for five years, that's just bullshit."

Broner told TMZ that he stood by his initial comment. He said, "It is what it is, because at the end of the day, I felt disrespected. If you're gonna come to me and tell me that I'm gonna fight two times a year, getting $8 million a year for five years straight? You got me fucked up."

He added, "I'm not old. I'm scheduled to fight four times this year."

When asked how much he thinks he deserves. Broner replied, "I don't want to shoot no numbers out there but I wanted to tell him [Jay Z]. Stop sending your workers to come talk to me. I'm a boss. Bosses talk to bosses."

He was then asked whether the opportunity to get closer to Rihanna, a Roc Nation client would have swayed his decision.

He proceeded to lambast her. He said in the same report by TMZ, "Man, f-ck Rihanna. No disrespect. Rihanna ain't gon make me no dollar and she don't make no dollar for me, man. At the end of the day, she gon' give me some p-ssy and that's it."

Rapper 50 Cent, who also signs boxers, was asked by TMZ to comment on Jay Z's offer and Broner's reaction. He said, "It wasn't a good idea for him [Broner] to say that. 40 million he should have took it." In the same Vibe report, Jay Z seemed unaffected by failing to sign Broner. Roc Nation recently partnered with Shaw Promotions to acquire at least 20 new boxers.

Possibly sincerely realizing his mistake, Broner has apologized to the duo for his lapse in judgment. "I said it in a more explicit way, but I just wanna say I'm wrong to the public. I'm sorry and if Jay wanna talk to me, you can get in touch with me and holla at me, we'll talk about it. I just had to get it off my chest," he said.

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