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Fans anxiously await the September 21 iPhone 5 launch in NYC (Photo : sairbear ‏@sairbear / Twitter)

iPhone 5 fans (and publicists) are already making their presence felt in at least one Apple store in New York City as they have already started lining up for next week's iPhone 5 in-store launch.

The iPhone 5 is set to be sold across Apple Stores beginning on Friday, September 21, and in this case people were seen lining up in front of Apple's famed store in NYC's Fifth Avenue (also known as the Cube) as early as Thursday, September 13th.

Close to a dozen of people were spotted in queue formation, all of them sitting out in their fold-able camp-chairs with other important belongings such as sleeping bags, laptops and handhelds visibly present.

A good number of the people already sitting out in line, however, are promoting some type of product with some fortunately having their iPhone 5s bought by the sponsoring company.

Hazem Sayed who is first in line, is and will be using the media attention to promote his new social media app called Vibe. The no. 2 spot belongs to Sayed's marketing manager, Sage.

No. 3 and 4, Jessica Mellow and Keenen Thomspon, are both sitting in line to promote their sponsor Gazelle who is also paying for not only their food and drinks but also their soon to come iPhone 5s, according to Forbes. Both Jessica and Keenen are apparently iPhone "sitter" veterans who last year also sat out first and second in line for the iPhone 4S and also have a website up for it (

As iPhone 5 fever continues to heat up (pre orders sold out in less than an hour) until Apple delivers the first wave of its brand new device, the line at this Apple store and countless others across the U.S. are expected to grow impressively.

Here are some of the first pictures posted up on Twitter of these NYC opportunists and fans as of Sunday evening.

iPhone 5 Line in NYC
(Photo : Eric Grant ‏@ericgrant / Twitter)
First in line for the iPhone 5 #crazy #nyc @ Apple Store
iPhone 5 Line in NYC
(Photo : Gary Allen ‏@ifostore / Twitter)
iPhone 5 Line in NYC
(Photo : Courtesy of
Keenen and Jackie (4th and 5th in line)
iPhone 5 Line in NYC
(Photo : Courtesy of
Philip Elmer-DeWitt interviewing Jackie, Brian, and Joe (5th, 6th, 7th in line)

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