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"Frozen 2" is not due anytime soon, but fans may as well be watching it already considering how ABC's fantasy drama, "Once Upon A Time" is so Frozen-centric.

According to Meredith Woerner of, "Watching Once Upon A Time Feels Like Being Trapped Forever In 'Frozen'."

The writer specifically targeted the series' latest episode with the Rock Trolls, saying, "we revisited with the Rock Trolls and watched an elaborate and beautifully, detailed recreation of the local Arendelle sauna. But the joy of seeing this character was totally lost on me because I am just so done with Frozen. The whole thing seems like a live-action version of Frozen 2: Separated Sisters In Maine!"

She did not stop her soliloquy there. She also said, "And we're not done yet. We still haven't met the Duke of Weselton. And yes, he was cast. And the wedding? What of the magical Frozen wedding? Surely that will happen at some point when all the sisterly search is sorted. Disney isn't done squeezing out all the Frozen juice yet. Even when they're done, I suspect the creators will find some way to cut open Elsa's husk of a carcass just to scrap the very last bit of magic that made you fall in love with a singing snowman."

Finally, she closed, "when the showrunners announced that Frozen was coming to town, never in my wildest dreams did I expect Frozen to come to town, and then stick around for the entire season."

Many people apparently share the same sentiments. A reader with the username, HelenofPeel commented, "Totally with you Meredith. So over the 'Frozen' storyline. Be done with it already."

Another, with the username Western Joe, added, "A bigger issue for me is that the new actors are really terrible, though this is partly due to awful writing. On top of all that, it's boring and hopelessly pointless. I'm giving it one more week."

But with the fans not getting enough of "Frozen," the "Once Upon A Time" storyline may be the next best thing. As previously reported, "Frozen 2" is not happening anytime soon, and to satiate the fans, Disney is only giving them a short called "Frozen Fever" which will be about Anna's birthday, a Broadway Show, four novels, and lately, as part of "Disney Presents: Frozen on Ice."

For "Frozen" fans out there, though. Do you agree that OUAT is too Frozen-heavy this season that it almost feels like a sequel to the animated film from Disney, or is the storyline just enough to keep the fans' interest alive in time for the sequel to arrive?

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