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Since Harry Potter fans got wind of the existence of a Hogwarts-themed hotel, thanks to features made by various British publications, the establishment's site has crashed due to "unexpectedly high customer demand," according to CNN.

The Georgian House Hotel, which has been in operation since 1851, had been offering the use of the Wizard Chambers for about a year now but interest in the Harry Potter-themed accommodations surged only recently.

"The hotel rooms -- also called the Wizard Chambers -- have been decked out with potion bottles, cauldrons and 'unexpected wizardly details,'" the news source said. "Muggle fans, however, might have to wait to book a room. The hotel's website has been crashing after unexpectedly high customer demand, and calls are taking a long time to go through."

The good news is that the hotel is accepting bookings until December 2015.

Mashable said that the rooms don't come cheap.

"A single night for two people costs £249.00($400), plus £60($96) for each additional child and £72($115) for an additional adult. However, it's a small price to pay for a die-hard wizard or witch," the site pointed out.

The establishment has bundled the much-touted accommodations with tours that take guests to London landmarks featured in the films. The Harry potter Tour Package comes with a walking tour of central London and "a trip to the Warner Bros Studio for The Making of Harry Potter Tour," the Daily Mail said.

According to Serena von der Heyde, a partner of the hotel, the Wizard Chambers are "initially inspired by the Harry Potter films; the draped four-poster beds, and the battered trunks for instance."

"But we really wanted to create a magical experience, so there are lots of original and creative touches, like a wand painted into the hand of a portrait of the Mona Lisa for example," she explained to the British publication. "The initial idea was to find something to really appeal to children."

So, how to book at this 4-star hotel? Call +44 (0)2 07 834 1438 or email at for reservations. You're supposed to quote HP2014 if you want to get the package.

To check the availability of the rooms, head over to their site, which is now back to business.

Consider booking at the other rooms if the Harry Potter-themed ones are all booked - taking a peek at the chambers could pretty well be the next best thing. Or maybe that theme park patterned after the highly-popular J.K. Rowling character. It's been said that Universal Studios Hollywood will be unveiling one in 2016.

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