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Kinect sensor (Photo : Getty Images News)

Microsoft has unveiled on October 22 an adapter that allows those with Xbox One Kinect motion sensors to connect to a PC operating on Windows 8.

The new device gives the Kinect sensor a potential use even if it is not connected to the next generation gaming console, reports Gamespot.

"Microsoft also sells Kinect for Windows v2 sensor for $199 that allows developers to create gesture-based applications for its operating system," details PC Mag.

PC Mag added that the company also sells a stand-alone Kinect sensor for Xbox One for $149, which cannot be connected to PC. With the addition of the $49.99 adapter, it is now possible to do so.

At practically the same cost, users can now enjoy an equivalent experience regardless of how they hooked up their Kinect sensor to their computer, notes Gamespot.

Kinect motion sensors can recognize movement and gestures, which allow Xbox One users to participate in games. For PCs, apart from serving as a simple webcam-style monitor, it can also work with Windows application like Microsoft's 3D Builder that allows scanning of 3D objects, details PC World.

There will be no difference in the performance of the Kinect sensors, the Official Microsoft Blog said.

In order to make the Kinect sensor and adapter to work on the PC, there has to be a USB 3.0 port and the computer should have a Windows 8 operating system, Gamespot added.

PC World reports that software developers are still working on ways to find a variety of use for Kinect sensors on PC, which would likely be in the fields of engineering, design and health care.

Where to Buy

The new Microsoft adapter for Kinect sensor is now available through the Windows Store.

In addition to the adapter to the Kinect sensor, Microsoft also launched the latest version of the Kinect SDK 2.0, which is available for download for free. Click here to download.

The version is the latest update to the June preview and features more than 200 updates and improvements, notes PC World.

Gamespot said that the program is of primary interest to developers because it provides them with better tools and software for their craft.

With Kinect SDK 2.0, developers can now commercially deploy Kinect apps on the Windows Store for the first time.

"This was a frequent request from the community and we are delighted to enable you to bring more personal computing experiences that feature gesture control, body tracking and object recognition," said Alex Kipman, a Microsoft technical fellow in the Official Microsoft Blog.

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