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Anna Kendrick and some of the ladies of "Pitch Perfect 2" were spotted at the WWE SummerSlam. Does this mean they're going to join the show? Perhaps there's a new way of throwing down an opponent - with a blast of song, that is.

Uproxx revealed a photo of the actress hanging out at the Los Angeles event, which shows her smiling amidst the front row crowd while the camera focused on the anchors of the show.

"Why was Anna Kendrick at SummerSlam, you might ask? Simple: She's deeply invested in WWE's stories and wanted to see who'd win the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins lumberjack match," the site teased.

Well, not really, Uproxx clarified.

"The connection is C.J. Perry, aka 'The Ravishing Russian' Lana. If you weren't aware, Lana was ALSO a star of 'Pitch Perfect'," the news source continued.

That explains it then. Isn't she just the supportive celebrity? She's really committed to her role as a Barden Bella, as Lana is playing one in the original film. If you've seen the film, you'd know that the Bellas stick together.

She's not the only "Pitch Perfect 2" cast member present at the SummerSlam, though. Castmates Brittany Snow, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jackle, and Adam DeVine, and "Teen Wolf" star, Tyler Hoechlin, were also on hand to support Lana, according to MTV.

"She sat front and center, cheered like a maniac, and even took time to pose backstage with fangirling referees," the music channel also observed.

You can check out the photos here.

Some reports have said that part 2 of the hit movie "will feature more drama as it shows the journeys of the Bellas as they grow older, with bigger and more exciting performances along the way," according to Christian Today.

""Pitch Perfect 2' is about the Bellas and what happens to them as they grow older. All of your favorite characters are coming back but it will even be more exciting with the coming of additional cast members," revealed Ben Platt, who plays the nerdy Benji Applebaum.

"Chrissie Fit was great and Hailee Steinfeld is such a pro-she fit right in. I had no idea she was 17! She's the most mature girl ever. I did most of my scene work with her, which was scary because she was the only one I didn't already know, but we had the best time together," he also added.

Anna also revealed that there will be a part in "Pitch Perfect 2" where she needed to be "at a great height and have to jump."

"It was actually totally terrifying for me and took me like 3 takes to take the jump. Even thinking about it right now makes my stomach turn," the actress recalled.

We'll know what she meant when the sequel hits cinemas on May 15, 2015.

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