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Things aren't sunny at the Carter household and rumors are flying that Beyonce and Jay Z are only hanging on to their marriage purely for business purposes. 

This news really isn't new, because talks of an imminent split between the music industry's most powerful couple has been all over the Internet for months. But now things appear to have taken a fresh twist.

According to Hollywood Life, while the couple isn't really on loving terms right now, both are bent on making things appear as if things are going well for the sake of their careers. The website has also quoted an insider as revealing that Bey isn't also keen on sharing her man with another woman while they are still legally together.

"There is no way that Beyonce would ever agree to an open marriage," the source reportedly said. "It's just not in her nature. Jay is going to have to get in line and prove it to her or she's going to eventually walk; she's way too proud to put up with anything like that."

The same source added, "The problem is Jay Z is a player; it's not in his nature to be a one woman man... She's not going to just turn a blind eye to the fact that he's been messing around."

Further speculations of an impending divorce were also fueled recently after the New York Post wrote that Beyonce has been looking around for a new home without Jay Z beside her. The "Halo" singer is reportedly considering a $21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea. Although it is half the size of the couple's home in Manhattan, it is still posh enough for observers to think that she's buying it for her sister or her mother. 

In a related article by Daily Mail, Jay Z is said to be bent on saving their marriage. "They have their final tour date in San Francisco on August 6 and then they have two dates in Paris from September 12 -- that's it. He adores his daughter Blue Ivy and he wants a sibling for her, but Beyonce isn't sure what she wants to do -- their marriage is in a flux, that's the truth. Jay just wants them to spend some time alone together to try and work it out," an insider told the site. 

The article moves on to note that one of the reasons why Beyonce's sister, Solange, attacked Jay-Z at the elevator after the Met Gala, was because he was caught cozying up to designer, Rachel Roy. Other sources also say that it could have been triggered by his closeness to R&B singer, Rihanna.

"It's not just throwing away a marraige -- it's throwing away a brand. But it may be that Bey has just had enough. She has some trust issues with Jay," said the same Daily Mail source. 

The couple is currently going around the U.S. for the 18-date "On the Run" tour, which began in Miami on June 5.  

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