By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: May 21, 2014 01:00 AM EDT

(Photo: Instagram)

One of the most active Latinas on social networks is without a doubt Eiza González, who since her arrival to the United States has captivated the Latino audience there and has been in the social spotlight for her short relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth.

This time Eiza is once more the focus of social networks by uploading a series of pictures to her Instagram account in which she's wearing a white bikini with an 80's style where she shows off her tattoos on her crotch, which caused a stir among her followers.

"I see that you're very surprised about my tattoos, I got them when I was 14, they're not new and they're there because I got them in secret", wrote Eiza after the picture got over 41,000 likes on social networks.

The content that Eiza shares on her different social networks is usually a cause for controversy and they always get multiple comments from her followers. Through her Instagram account, the Mexican actress keeps her fans up to date with her activities and she's an expert on marketing her new projects.

Proof of it is the stir caused in previous days by a video Eiza shared in which she's seen in a sexy scene carrying out an erotic dance for the TV show "From Dusk Till Dawn".

The scene from the seventh episode left Instagram users agape when they saw the young actress seducing a man with she teases with her "snake" tongue while she's watched by another older man, spilling seduction as "Satánico Pandemónium".

Eiza is playing the role of Satánico Pandemónium, the beautiful vampire which boosted Salma Hayek into Hollywood stardom in the 90's, in the original "From Dusk Till Dawn", a film directed by Robert Rodríguez.

Another video was shared by the actress of the show's season finale, a short video which shows the sensuality that characterizes Eiza in each of her roles.

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