By Jorge Calvillo ( | First Posted: May 20, 2014 03:14 AM EDT

(Photo: Archive, Reuters)

Voting on a law project to modify the immigration law which would be discussed this week received a strong blow on Friday, when Republican leaders intervened to prevent the voting from taking place.

This is the most recent attempt from conservative Republicans to impede the debate on immigration in the United States, despite that more Republicans support immigration reform in the country every day.

Latino Fox News reported that California Republicans such as David Valadao and Jeff Denham, whose campaigns have been in favor of immigration reform in the United States, have received criticism from the state's conservative Republicans, who finally managed to impede the voting planned for this week.

According to US News, Representative Jeff Denham proposed to create a law for immigrants living in the country without permission and who are currently in the armed forces to, eventually, become citizens.

The project, known as the ENLIST Law, sought to be voted in as an amendment to the annual defense law project, the National Defense Authorization Act) NDAA; however, Doug Heye, spokesman for Eric Cantor, leader of the majority in the House, said on Friday that "no ENLIST amendment proposed to the NDAA will be carried out in order," according to the quoted source.

With this news, the efforts of President Obama to reach an immigration reform project to advance in Congress has faced its most recent setback with the blocking from Republicans and other conservative groups,  as has been happening since last year when the Senate approved an initiative for an immgiration reform which has been stuck in the House of Representatives since, controlled by the Republican Party.

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