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Any mother would be as upset as Patti Mallette was Thursday morning if their sons figured in a similar situation her famous but troubled son got into.

By now, the whole world already knows Justin Bieber has been arrested on a DUI charge, with his grinning mug shot making headlines at probably every entertainment news outlet. And this is not making his 37-year-old mom happy.

What doubles Patti's sadness is the fact that the "Baby" singer isn't lending her an ear when she talks to him about cleaning up his act.

"Justin is not listening to his mother and he's been trying to avoid dealing with her and other people in his camp," an insider told the Daily Mail. She was not at his side during his hell-raising jaunt in Miami. However, the pop star's dad, Jeremy Bieber, was allegedly with him during his arrest.

"Unlike Jeremy, Patti is genuinely very concerned about her son. She's been very sad and worried over the past few weeks," the source further revealed.

However, TMZ is saying that the Biebs told authorities during his recent arrest that "he got prescription anti-anxiety meds from his mother." He told Miami police that he did take anti-anxiety meds, drank alcohol, and used marijuana before zooming around in a Lamborghini with rapper friend Khalil.

However, he could not specify what prescription drugs he took because he reportedly said he gets whatever his own mom gives him.

What can you say about that, Patti? Is that perhaps why he isn't listening to you?

The 19-year-old crooner has since been released from Miami's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center a couple of hours later, after being bailed out with $2,500. He is said to be flying back to L.A. via private jet. It's expected that friends and family will be pushing him to go to rehab.

"People are pushing him to get help but he doesn't want help, he says he doesn't need it and it's very upsetting for Patti," the insider shared. "We are at a point where he's around people who are terrible influences, but ultimately, he's about to be 20 on March 1 and you have to make your own decisions. He can't be forced to go to rehab."

Aside from mom Patti, manager Scooter Braun is also said to be very concerned about his ward's behavior and is also encouraging him to get help.

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