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(Photo: Reuters)

Alonza Bryant's glasses might have saved her life by deflecting a stray bullet from a firefight that took place on the night of December 21st in Seattle.

Part of the police report, according to Fox News, indicates that the teenager was resting on a sofa inside her living room when shots rang out. Moments after, a bullet hit the frame of her glasses which deflected the bullet and saved her life.

Immediately, her family took her to a hospital where doctors said her life was out of danger and that she only had minor injuries.

"I could be dead. I fell asleep with my glasses on. If I didn't have them on, I wouldn't be here," the 16-year-old teenager said, according to Komonews.

Bryant added that she had mixed feelings about what had happened, saying that she's thankful to be alive, but sad about what happened. "I'm a little sad that someone tried to kill us," she said.

Her family, three adults and three children, was also in the house during the shooting. The fact that the house was covered in bullet holes and no one got hurt prompted authorities to comment on the family's good fortune.

Lavett Bryant, mother of the teenager, dismissed that the incident goes beyond mere chance, and was very angry because of the accusations surrounding her family on social networks.

"People are saying bad things on Facebook, that it was gang-related. We're honest citizens," she said.

So far, the police doesn't have much information to act on, besides a statement from a person saying that shots came from a sedan. No arrests have been made.

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