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It’s every child’s dream to be a superhero. The thought of saving the world, defeating villains and being revered as the coolest, most capable person on the planet is enough to enthrall any toddler. They adore their heroes. They hold them close to their hearts, and they one day hope to be as awesome as they are. Living the dream of children across the globe, five-year-old Miles Scott will have that opportunity.

Miles, who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18-months-old, will strap on his most elegant Batman attire and take to the streets of Gotham, literally. The city of San Francisco is teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation on Friday, Nov. 15 to make his dreams become reality.

According to the Associated Press, Miles will rescue a woman from cable car tracks in Nob Hill and capture the Riddler in the act of robbing a downtown bank. A flash mob will then call upon him to help capture the Penguin. Then around 2 p.m, Mayor Ed Lee will present him with the key to the city of “Gotham,” formally known as San Francisco, as a token of appreciation for his heroism against crime and cancer alike.

Roughly 1,000 newspapers will be handed out at Union Square as people gather for the ‘Batkid’ event. The Chronicle's special page story includes a story from “Clark Kent” with the headline “BATKID SAVES CITY” with stories documenting his crusades against crime, his secret penguin hideout and his story of survival against leukemia, which is now in remission.

Miles Scott became his idol for a day. The city of San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish foundations made great sacrifices to help his dreams come true and make Nov. 15, 2013 a special day that will tickle the hearts of San Franciscans and cancer patients worldwide.

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(Photo : Twitter)

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