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On the latest episode of "Hawaii Five-0," the team investigated the murder of an undercover ATF agent, all while taking care of a baby.

On the episode "In Deep," McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), Danny (Scott Caan) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) investigate the murder of the ATF agent, who is murdered in the show's opening.

Catherine (Michelle Borth) also helps out the Five-0 team to get more information about Kono (Grace Park), who is still on the run.

Meanwhile, McGarrett's wayward sister, Mary, shows up with a baby that she adopted. Steve is skeptical about his eccentric sister having a child, but is then forced to take care of the baby when his sister gets salmonella poisoning. The team goes all "Three Men and a Baby," with Danny telling the infant fairytales and Chin Ho getting throw-up all over his shirt.

Captain Grover (Chi McBride) continues to disapprove of the team's tactics. However, he begins to warm up to Chin Ho because Chin was formerly a police officer.

As for the case at hand, the murdered undercover ATF agent turns out to be Matt Hutchins, a man who Chin knew back at the police academy. They surmise that he could have gotten in too deep with his assignment, or he could have been on the take.

The team gets intel from the woman who transcribed his undercover reports. She tells them that she thought he could have been taken out of the undercover mission much earlier, but for some reason, he was not.

The gang eventually discovers that the transcriber and her boyfriend, who is a thief, are the guilty parties in the murder. 

At episode's end, Steve's sister recovers, and seems more willing to be an attentive mother to her child.

Also, Catherine enters headquarters and says that she's gotten a lead on where Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and Kono might be. She attempts to give Steve her badge back now that the undercover job is over, but he tells her to keep it, and says "Welcome to Five-0."

On the next episode, "Akanahe," which is Hawaiian for "Reluctant Partners," two antagonistic members of the Five-0 team will be forced to work together.

The synopsis reads: "McGarrett and Grover must work together to protect national security after they are tasked by the Governor to serve a warrant to a young computer hacker."

Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov also told TVLine that Kono will return to the team around midseason, meaning the character will make a return soon. 

Watch the promo for "Akanahe" below, which airs Friday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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