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After a tumultuous couple of months, President Barack Obama's favorable reputation has faltered in some areas, but has stayed strong in others. Most significantly, for the first time since he's been in office, only 47 percent of Americans think that Obama is a "strong and decisive leader," which is down six percentage points from September. 

The number of Americans who view Obama as "honest and trustworthy" has also fallen five points, according to a recent Gallup poll conducted Nov. 7-10. Half of Americans still think Obama is honest and trustworthy, but it is down from 55 percent in September and 60 percent in mid-2012.  

Americans' confidence in Obama's ability to manage government is also down five points since September, to 42 percent. On the upside, more than half of Americans--54 percent-- believe that the commander in chief appreciates the problems Americans face day-to-day. But only 38 percent believe that he has a clear plan for rectifying the country's issues, which is typical for Obama and most recent presidents. 

Americans' view of Obama's handling of health care and the economy most likely reflects the government shutdown and the recent issues with the website. Less than 40 percent of Americans approve of his handling of health care, the economy and foreign affairs. The recent controversy over whether the president was honest when he said that Americans will be able to keep their own healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act is most likely the cause of people doubting his honesty and trustworthiness. 

All of his issue approval ratings are worse than his overall job rating, which was 43 percent in the same poll. 

Obama isn't the only one whose reputation has suffered. Americans' approval of Congress has dropped to an all-time low of 9 percent, which is the lowest in Gallup's 39 years of polling Americans about congressional approval. The results are also from the Gallup poll conducted Nov. 7-10. 

Americans' view of Congress has worsened since the government shutdown in October. However, Americans' confidence in the economy has begun to improve in the past few weeks. 

Republicans, Independents and Democrats all give Congress low approval ratings. Republicans give Congressional approval a 9 percent rating, independents 8 percent and Democrats 10 percent. 

Congressional approval on an annual basis was at is highest in 2001 at 56 percent following the September 11 attacks. But congressional approval has been low since the 2008 financial crisis, with the exception of the months after Obama's first inauguration in 2009. 

The record-low approval ratings may reflect the lingering impact of the government shutdown as well as the constant partisan bickering that has characterized the divided Congress. 

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