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She said it, we believed her, and she delivered. Katy Perry has made a tremendous roar in the music industry this year. Her popularity and global reach is undeniable. She’s the most successful female recording artist of 2013. She’s an animal, an unstoppable force, and her success and accomplishments continue to pile up.

Perry’s fourth album, Prism, is No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart. Is sold 286,000 copies in its first week, giving her the largest album sales week by a woman this year, beating out Miley Cyrus Bangerz by 16,000. It’s the biggest first week for a female pop album since Madonna’s MDNA sold 359,000 copies in April last year. It also shattered sales from her previous album, Teenage Dream, which claimed the No. 1 spot with only 192,000 in 2010.

Amidst the catchy power pop hooks and buoyant synths for which she’s known, Perry surprisingly pours her heart out on the closing track “By the Grace of God,” where she writes about her 2012 divorce to Russell Brand and how she spent hours on her bathroom floor crying.

“Well, imagine what you go through,” Perry told Entertainment Weekly. “Imagine what happens when you go through a break up. We all go through break ups and we all get very depressed and desperate. The lyrics are very exact and autobiographical. That’s how I write. But the one thing about those lyrics is you can hear me finding my strength throughout the song. It starts off really low and then I kind of stand up for myself and say, ‘No!’

“Sometimes you look in the mirror when you’re crying and if you look in the mirror it will make you cry more because you’re feeling sorry for yourself. And then sometimes you look in the mirror and you cry and I’ve been like: ‘Snap out of it! It’s time to — come on — grow up! No!’ There’s almost like this inner warfare that comes out, this inner battle between the good angel and the bad devil.”

If you haven’t already, pick up Perry’s latest album, Prism, today.

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