By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Oct 30, 2013 12:17 PM EDT

The “50 Shades of Grey” film could be more trouble than its worth. For months and months, the casting process left eager fans with a perpetual headache. The producers’ tight-lipped deliberation, which lasted longer than any fan could have imagined, did nothing but induce anxiety. To make matters worse, once they finally found the perfect Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam respectively, Hunnam backed out. Back to square one. Luckily, the “50 Shades” team was a bit more hasty the second time around in order to hit their August 1 premiere date. Well, at least they’re staying true to their promise and pulling out all the stops to adhere to their original production schedule.

Wrong. To absolutely no one's surprise, the “50 Shades” movie has suffered yet another setback. It seems that Hunnam’s departure may have been more detrimental than originally thought. Instead of beginning in mid November, production will kick off Dec. 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now as long as this doesn’t affect the August 1, 2014 premiere, fans will have no major qualms. However, judging by the way things have been going, the project is doomed for a messy ride on the road to the box office.

In other “50 Shades” news, “True Blood” actor Luke Grimes will play Elliot Grey alongside Jamie Dornan and Johnson as the first member of Christian’s tight-knit family. He even sparks a romance with Anastasia’s best friend, a role that has yet to be cast. Grimes plays Wes on HBO’s hit vampire drama and has appeared in “Taken 2” and “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane,” a cult horror movie that just made its way off the shelf.

“50 Shades” production is a never-ending drama. Although the pieces are slowly falling into place, the “50 Shades” movie curse looms overhead.

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