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Two 17-year-old teenagers were detained on Thursday, October 17 when a security officer of a New York boutique suspected that the teenagers had stolen something and when he checked them, he discovered one of them was carrying a dead baby in a bag.

According to an article published by El Mundo in its website, the two teenagers had entered a Victoria's Secret store in Herald Square when they were stopped by security officers that suspected them of stealing from the store.

When they found the lifeless fetus in one of the bags the girls were carrying, the security guards alerted the police and the alleged mother of the dead baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she received medical attention.

As news network Univisión reported this morning, the Police Department has identified the Hispanic teenagers as Tania Rodríguez (the mother) and her friend Francis Estévez, residents of Queens.

The same source has said that the alleged mother declared that she had suffered a spontaneous abortion on Wednesday and didn't know what to do with the fetus' body.

The grisly discovery happened after one of the security guard noticed the strange behavior of the teenagers in one of the backrooms of the store, and asked them to show him the contents of their bags.

Tania Rodríguez is the mother of a 2-year-old boy and apparently no one knew she was pregnant, Univisión highlighted.

The fetus was transported to the coroner's office where it will be tested to determine gestation time and the reasons that caused the abortion.

So far, Limited Brands, the company that owns Victoria's Secret, has not made any official statements, arguing that a police investigation is currently being carried out.

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