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After two years of procedures to be enabled to adopt, actress Lorena Rojas became the mother of a small girl named Luciana, according to information published by People en Español, and has already shared her first picture.

Rojas had made legal procedures to adopt in her native Mexico and in the United States and was finally able to adopt a baby born in the city of Miami on October 6. Rojas had to wait two days after the baby was born in case the girl's biological mother didn't want to give her to adoption.

Rojas shared a message confirming the news to her followers on her personal Twitter account @lorenarojas

That's right.... ! There's a someone in my life that makes EVERYTHING worth it.! I'm the happiest Thanks everyone for your good wishes

- Lorena Rojas (@lorenarojas) October 15, 2013

People highlights an interview with the actress in which she speaks of the possibility of adopting saying "Whatever comes first. I'm trying to think about it as if I really were pregnant, and whatever it is (boy or girl) will be perfect for me".

Entertainment magazine TVNotas explains that her attempt at adopting in Mexico resulted in failure because they requested to many things and the waiting time for the chance to be a mother was too long for the actress. It wasn't until 2011 when she arrived in the US that she was able to finish the adoption process.

"I got the call. They said 'Lorena, are you ready?' I almost crashed, because I was driving. I've been ready for years. The mother agreed with me, she's happy, I still have to meet with her" Rojas said in September.

Previously, the 44-year-old actress had been diagnosed with breast cancer when she was trying to get pregnant, and doctors told her to freeze her ovules to achieve a pregnancy after finishing her chemotherapy.

Currently Rojas lives with her boyfriend, Spanish businessman Jorge Monjes, who has been a constant support in her fight against cancer and who shared her dream to adopt little Luciana.

(Photo: Twitter @lorenarojas)
(Photo: Twitter @lorenarojas)

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