By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Oct 07, 2013 02:14 PM EDT

(Photo : Patrick Cordova)

Bolivia is still emerging in the film industry but one work, known as "Once Upon A Time in Bolivia," has been making the festival rounds all over the world.

The new film by Patrick Cordova is a British/ Bolivian production that tells the story of a relationship between two half-brothers of mixed race who find themselves in a sprint to the Bolivia-Chile border.

The movie was shot on a micro budget in the slums of El Alto and on El Altipano in La Paz. The movie also used non-actors and starred Luis Caballero and Miguel Angel Mamani. According to the film's website, production was very difficult because the team endured death threats, verbal and physical attacks, serious illness, extreme weather conditions, a tight budget and only 18 days to complete filming. The main actors are local non-professional actors based in El Alto and La Paz.

The film has won plaudits and has been called the best Bolivian film of the last decade. Recently, the movie has been selected to a number of film festivals, including the Toronto Independent Film Festival. It also screened at the AFI Latin American Film Festival and the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. It has also screened at Naperville Independent, No Glossm London Independent and Phenom Film Festivals.

The film has obtained great reviews with Frontlip, stating "one of the most memorable films we've seen this year is the micro-budget, indie road movie,Once Upon a Time in Bolivia. Patrick Cordova's debut feature is a thought-provoking film full of heart, energy and ingenuity."

While the movie does not have a U.S. distribution deal, the film will continue its festival run in the U.S.

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