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Venezuela has selected "Breach in the Silence" as its 2014 submission for the Academy Awards' Best Foreign Language film category.

The film has played at a number of festivals around the world, including the Cairo International Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival among others.

The movie, which was directed by brothers Andres and Luis Rodriguez, tells the story of Anna, a 19-year-old deaf -mute who steals her siblings away from her parents in order to help them avoid the abuse that she underwent throughout her life. "Breach in the Silence" stars Vanessa Di Quattro, Juliana Cuervos, Ruben Leon, Carmily Artigas and Jonathan Pimentel.

The Rodriguez brothers were both born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1974 and spent a great deal of time working as social workers with abandoned children prior to making the film.

"Breach in the Silence" has not garnered many reviews though Slant Magazine's Erik Luers was not particularly positive about the movie and wrote, "In the end, Breach in the Silence is perhaps most notable for creating a lot of flash and noise, but providing little substance."

This is the 22th time that Venezuela will submit a film to the Academy Awards. The country's first submission "El Pez que Fuma" was sent in 1978; it sent in films sporadically during the ensuing decade. In 1997, the nation submitted "Un vida y dos Mandados" and has sent a film every single year since; the 2005 submission "1888: El Extraordinario Viaje de Santa Isabel" was ultimately disqualified.

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