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"Keep On Rowing" Episode 412 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peter Krause as Adam Braverman, Monica Potter as Kristina Braverman. (Photo : Colleen Hayes/NBC)

NBC’s hit drama “Parenthood” will debut its fifth season tonight, reuniting fans with their favorite family, the Bravermans. The show, which has slowly captivated fans’ attentions, will feature plenty of family drama, romance and some comedy as well.

Season 4 proved to be very difficult for Kristina (Monica Potter) and her husband Adam (Peter Krause) as she fought against cancer and raised two kids. For fans rooting for the couple to have an easier time in Season 5, you may be disappointed.

According to TV Guide, Kristina’s run for mayor may cause a rift between her and her husband. “Unfortunately, Adam will get dragged into the dirty underbelly of local politics when the press latches onto a story of him assaulting a man in a grocery store just days before the election,” TV Guide’s Adam Bryant teases.

Bryant adds, “After Adam is mobbed by reporters at the Luncheonette, Kristina immediately begins to suspect it was none other than her old boss-turned-opponent Bob Little who spread the story. Things are going to get ugly!”

Fans may remember Bob Little (played by Jonathan Tucker) from Season 3 as the mayoral candidate Kristina worked with and her niece Amber (Mae Whitman) had a brief fling with. According to IMBD, Tucker is just slated to appear in one episode this season, the season premiere called “It Has to Be Now.”

Kristina and Adam won’t just have a mayoral race to deal with, eldest son Max (Max Burkholder) has a new hobbie that has him bonding with his aunt Sarah’s ex Hank (Ray Romano). As previously reported, the couple will not be getting a visit from their eldest daughter Haddie (Sarah Ramos), who is away at college on the East Coast.

“Parenthood” Season 5 premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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