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Microsoft has secured the rights to the domain name based on one of the more controversial nicknames for the upcoming Xbox One. Fusible is reporting that Microsoft has obtained the domain for, and the newest WHOIS report revealed that the company has indeed secured the domain name from the previous owner. Microsoft most likely bought the website from the previous owner, rather than filing complaints with the National Arbitration Forum to obtain the domain name like they had to do with and back in July.

"Xbone" is often used as an insult for the Xbox One, with users pronouncing it X-bone. The term was popularized by Fez creator Phil Fish during the time that he was dealing with Microsoft's policies on patching games on the Xbox Live Arcade. Since then the term has become a slang term for those who aren't particuarly excited about the Xbox One. The original owner of the domain name created the website on March 20, 2000 according to Eurogamer, so while the website was not made to insult or post negative stories about the Xbox One, it is a smart move to pick up the domain name and have it under control just in case. Currently, trying to access leads users to a Bing search for the term. Microsoft did not claim a grievance concerning the domain name.

However, some Microsoft employees are not amused by this news, specifically Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who explained on a NeoGAF post that he finds the term disrespectful:

"I don't like it ... it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours [already] into the development of the product. Sure, it's cheeky but I don't care for it myself."

The Xbox One will launch on Nov. 22, one week after the PlayStation 4 will be launched on Nov. 15. Priced at $500, the console will be the most expensive next-gen console available; the PlayStation 4 will cost $400 at launch, and the Wii U will be getting a price cut to bring the console down to $300. However, the Xbox One will come with the revamped Kinect motion controller, as well as several exclusive media features and timed exclusive deals with third-party developers. Look out for more news about the Xbox One right here as Microsoft prepares to launch the console in several international markets in November.

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