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Actress Rose McIver poses for photographers as she arrives for the Royal Premiere of the film "The Lovely Bones" in Leicester Square, London November 24, 2009. REUTERS/Andrew Winning (BRITAIN ENTERTAINMENT)

Feisty fairy Tinker Bell will be joining the cast of storybook characters in ABC's "Once Upon a Time." Peter Pan's tiny sidekick will be played by native New Zealander Rose McIver. She will make her debut as Tink in the third episode of the third season. 

Executive Co-producer Edward Kitsis told TVGuide that the magical fairy may be a bit of a troublemaker. "Our Tink is very strong, a lot of fun and not afraid to go out and have a few shots," Kitsis said. "And although her heart is usually in the right place, she is mischievous."

McIver, 25, said that her "glamorous" version of the fairy has a magic wand and her signature fairy wings, which are added digitally during postproduction. 

The actress also said that Tink has an interesting connection to a nefarious character. "Captain Hook has a history with Tink and wants to find her to help lead the team to Peter Pan's camp," McIver said.

Co-producer Adam Horowitz said that Tinker Bell will be shown at different stages in her life, including when she had encounters with the Blue Fairy and the Evil Queen. "Tink has gone through an evolution in our story. She begins in one place and ends in another," Horowitz said. 

Despite the new additions to the cast, the third season will focus more on core characters. The story arcs may not backtrack to answer some questions from season two until later on. "One of the things about season three is we've really tried to focus on the core characters, including the six people on that boat and Neal. We do eventually want to get to that [Philip/wraith] story, but we're coming out of the gate with the people on that boat," Kitsis revealed.

New fairytale recruit Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) may also be shown having a past connection to Regina (Lana Parrilla). Regina referred to a "certain mermaid" in a past episode called "Skin Deep." Fans have speculated that the "certain mermaid" referred to is everyone's favorite red-headed mermaid. Although it is not definite, co-creator Adam Horowitz said that "we might" flash back to an encounter between Ariel and Regina. 

Season three will also show Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) banding together to fight Peter Pan and his Lost Boys, according to TVLine. "In a lot of ways, Mary Margaret may not be able to bond with Emma, but Bandit Snow and Emma have a lot in common," Kitsis said. 

Their mission will most likely take place within season three's big Neverland story arc, which will take up eleven episodes of the season. Kitsis referred to the long storyline "as its own season, like one giant movie."

E! Online has reported that British actor Sean Maguire has also joined the cast as Robin Hood for season three, replacing Tom Ellis, who could not return for season three. Although the Robin Hood only appeared in one season two episode, he quickly earned a place on Rumplestilskin's (Robert Carlyle) hit list. Robin Hood will have at least a four-episode arc, and he will resume his alliance with Belle (Emilie De Ravin). 

It was also revealed that there will be a one-hour special, as has been done in the past, to recap the last season before the new season begins. The special will be called "Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland," and it will air on Sunday, September 29, and will lead into the season three premiere. 

"Once Upon a Time" premieres on Sunday, September 29 on ABC. 

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