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 Injustice: Gods Among Us has been a monstrous success for NetherRealm Studios, and the developer has been releasing a steady stream of DLC for the game in the time since the game has been launched. Now, the sixth DLC character has been confirmed as being the magician Zatanna, and has a release date set for August 13.

Zatanna has been confirmed through a new video showing off the character's moveset. As expected from somebody schooled in the magical arts, Zatanna is a quicker, gadget-based fighter, able to unleash quick combos on foes and use her top hat as a projectile. She is also able to use magic to transport herself and her opponent around the stage, and use the elements to her advantage. For her finishing move, Zatanna unleashes a full magical assault on her foes before dropping them headfirst back to Earth.

Zatanna will be available for purchase as a separate character, much like the DLC character before her, Martian Manhunter, for $4.99. It is unclear when Zatanna and Martian Manhunter will be available on the Wii U version of the game, if at all.

It was heavily implied that Zatanna would be the next character added to the game. Game Director Ed Boon hinted that the sixth playable character would be a fan favorite. Zatanna, along with Red Hood, were heavy favorites in a fan poll taken by Boon, so realistically the choice was down to those two characters to appear in the game.

Now, with the release of all the promised DLC, it is unclear if NetherRealm will add more characters at this point to the game. The game only originally promised four characters to be included with the game's season pass. Those DLC characters were Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpion, and Zod. Martian Manhunter was announced soon afterwards, and with his release and the announcement of Zatanna this may be the end of DLC for the game, besides the possibility of new character skins being released.

Zatanna was first introduced to the DC Comics universe in 1964. Part of the character's appeal has always been the outfit that the character wears, which is fairly risqué to say the least. The character also appeared in Vertigo Comics as well, as part of the HellBlazer comic book series.

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