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(Photo : Shangay Magazine )

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé has revealed that he is a father to four children, and not two, as it was believed until now, during an interview to Spain's first free gay magazine Shangay.

"I don't have two children, I have seven months of birth of Diego and Tadeo (his....year old twin sons) another pair of twins came along, Ivo and Telmo. Very few people know that. So far", Bosé said.

The singer broke the news during an interview to Shangay magazine, in which he appears on the cover on the occasion of Gay Pride month.

Sources from the magazine said that, once the interview was done and the recorders were turned off, the singer with with tears in his eyes.

"Let's go inside again, I've got something else to say," he was said to say. Later, Bosé revealed the news he kept secret for many years.

The 57-year old musician also shared that Puerto Rican Superstar Ricky Martin was the one who convinced him of starting his own family  and advised him to use a surrogate mother for parenting.

"When made the decision (to be a father), I found out that when you're 50 years old many doors are closed for you when it comes to adopting, and then Ricky suggested that option (using a surrogate mother). Indeed he (Martin), is Tadeo's godfather. And (Colombian singer) Juanes is Diego's", Bosé said to Shangay.

"When I went to Los Angeles (California), I stayed at their (Juanes and Ricky's) houses, they were the only ones that knew everything. Ricky was the one who revealed to me what pareting option we both had, and I followed him along," he added.

Ricky Martin is father to four-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino. "I [did] not rent a womb," he said last year to "This expression is used by fundamentalist conservatives", he complained, because he rejects the term "surrogate."

Bosé explained that the reason he decided to make his secret public through Shangay magazine because this publication is aimed to the gay and lesbian community. "I have a family that is different and (because of that) I will only find solidarity in a field of difference. Do you think that the Christian Family magazine would give a cover story?", he pointed out.

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