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Snapshot from "View from the ISS at Night" by Knate Myers (Photo : Knate Myers / Vimeo Snapshot)

The video assembled by photographer Knate Myers displaying what the Earth looks like at night from the International Space Station (ISS) is a gem of a video.

The photographer created the video called 'View from the ISS at Night' by using images captured by the ISS and its crew. A stop-motion video, the work shows stunning footage of what lightning-storms, aurora boreali, even the ozone layer looks like some 230 miles - ISS's orbit height - above the Earth's surface.

When showed to staff, a Latinos Post writer commented, "it's breath-taking not only because they're images I've never seen, but when maximized you have a firsthand view of what flying superman was appreciating."

Another staffer, Olivia, in Houston, Texas, commented, "It's actually romantic. Try muting, then pausing the video. You'll get a view you wish you'd see with someone else."

According to Myers, via, every frame is a picture taken from the space station and some images were photoshopped.

Myers has also used his talents to take stunning pictures of space from firm ground as well. In another gallery, 'Night Skies', Myers displays what space looks like from a human-on-earth perspective. Click on the link to view the gallery.


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