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The policeman dancing for Michoacan's sub-attorney during a Mother's Day celebration. (Photo : YouTube )

The Governor of Michoacán, Jesús Reyna García, announced that sub-attorney María de la Luz Hernández Pacheco was removed from office after the airing of a video where a stripper can be seen dancing for her during a party that took place at the Zitácuaro Township.

In the video, Hernández Pacheco appears along with six other women, apparently all workers of the city's Township, enjoying a stripper type dance by a policeman. As it was a breakfast party for Mother's Day, no alcoholic beverages were served.

The dancer can be seen dressed in a navy blue uniform, wearing a cap, a Zitácuaro Municipal Police insignia and a riffle. While he dances, the attendees touch him, bursting in laughter and applause. The video was recorded on May 9 and was first posted by Esquema Agency, quickly going viral.

The State Attorney reported that the male stripper is an active officer of the Zitácuaro Police Department. "At no time was any stripper hired, the person in the video is a Police officer, that circumstantially arrived at the place where the celebration was taking place and started dancing for the women", an official source said.

"Looking at what happened, I have instructed the attorney to start an investigation and remove the Zitácuaro sub-attorney from her office", the governor informed through his Twitter account.

However, the governor said Hernández Pacheco will have the right to a hearing, according to the newspaper Reforma.

When the video first surfaced, Dependence spokesman, Alejandro Arellano, said the dancing was a prank and that neither the officer nor Hernández Pacheco would be removed from office.


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